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Jarcatering is coming to US in 2016. We are activly looking for creative, organized and positive people who want to work with us. Chefs, decorators, photographers, couriers and other types of modern day magicians who know how to turn an event into success.   If you are interested - send us an email!   … [Read more...]


Hello Stockholm! We are just about to launch our services here. Check out the website: Stockholm Jarcatering  If you are interested in beautiful and healthy food - we would love to show and tell you more about us! Send us an email: Lots of love, Katerina Cronstedt & Martin Johansson … [Read more...]


The concept Jarcatering was born when I, Katerina Cronstedt, started to get requests for catering. Having over 10 year experience running two 4-star hotels in Moscow as well a successful dinner kit startup, it was logical to combine my experience and interests to launch a brand new catering concept: Jarcatering. Bankatering (russian for jar Banka + catering = bankatering) launched in Moscow in December 2013 and was an immidiate success. I wanted to create a different kind of food service - … [Read more...]