The concept Jarcatering was born when I, Katerina Cronstedt, started to get requests for catering. Having over 10 year experience running two 4-star hotels in Moscow as well a successful dinner kit startup, it was logical to combine my experience and interests to launch a brand new catering concept: Jarcatering.

Bankatering (russian for jar Banka + catering = bankatering) launched in Moscow in December 2013 and was an immidiate success.

I wanted to create a different kind of food service – a full service offering healthy meals, stylish setting with beautiful decoration as well as a delivery and pickup service – this is how Jarcatering was born.

The first event was held at Fashion Statups organized by Startupwomen, followed by over 300 events to date for large companies such as Lancome, Cosmopolitan and L’Occitane as well as private events, weddings for 150 guests and intimate birthday parties for 10 people.

Now we are a team with chefs, decorators and  photographers who do events big and small, private and corporate.

Check out our Instagram feed to see some of the caterings we have done!

We love to work with people who share our values, who think that life is too short to not live it to the fullest, who embrace sustainability and efficiency in their daily lives without scarifying quality and beauty.

If this sounds right to you – send us an email: hello@jarcatering.com

We would to organize your event!

/ Katerina Cronstedt

Founder and CEO